Working with The Bolon Company, Ltd.

At The Bolon Company, Ltd. we have developed a one of a kind real estate service for Buyers. We offer both legal counsel and real estate broker services together to provide complete, dynamic real estate services to Ohio. When you sign our engagement letter, you are officially represented by a licensed Ohio attorney. When you sign the Exclusive Right to Buy or Buyer’s Representation Agreement you are now represented by your TBC agent and have your TBC Team in place. As your professional real estate team, we work with you to determine your wants, needs and show you how to achieve your goals. Our relationship is built on trust and we offer the highest standard of care in the industry to build that trust.

Buying a Home in Central Ohio

First, our services for a buyer are paid for by the sellers. This is the traditional real estate sales model. This model may soon change so take advantage of it while you can.

Buying a home in Central Ohio involves so much more than finding a house and submitting a contract. There are financial decisions to make, timelines to establish and keep, legal questions to answer, and contract terms and conditions to abide by. When buying your home, you do not just need an agent, you need a team of professionals to guide you through the buying process and protect your interests.

As always, at The Bolon Company (“TBC”), we can help. As a law firm, we have professional real estate attorneys and licensed real estate agents, together. We offer unique advantages that other real estate companies simply cannot match. Your team will help educate, prepare and guide through the transaction. We help you find everything from a lender to other professionals, like inspectors, to guide you through the process. All while your Team-Lead attorney provides comprehensive legal counsel who will explain, advise, draft and negotiate on your behalf throughout the process. Learn more about our process below!

Financing Your New Home

With The Bolon Company, we work with you from the very beginning. This means we start by guiding you through the lender pre-approval process, identifying when, where, and what kind of home you are hoping to purchase and how to find it. There are several factors that you need to consider when looking for your next home whether it is your first or last home. At The Bolon Company, we work with you to establish a realistic timeline that fits your needs. Whether you need to sell your current home, get into your new home in a month, we help you buy your home when you are ready.

Unless you are a cash buyer, making sure you find the right lender and are applying for the right loan are crucial to a successful purchase. There are many financing options and many lenders. We will help guide you to a lender you are comfortable and confident working with to finance your new home.


How to Find the Right Home

Our agents start their search by first finding out what our client buyers needs are and what they can afford. Then our agents use their experience, contacts and market knowledge to focus on those homes that fit your wants and needs. Once they have a list of potential properties, they will handle all contacts with the sellers and arrange for a viewing.

Whether you are buying your first house or tenth, chances are you don’t physically look at houses on a daily basis. Your TBC agent is trained what to look for when viewing houses. We will review the Disclosures ( Residential Property Disclosure and Lead-based Paint Disclosure) to help identify red flags Your TBC team will work to protect you and your interests in finding a solid home with no physical surprises. Issues we look for while you are looking around a new home include Pest/Insect Issues, Potential Mold Issues, Roofing Issues, Leaks, Age(s) Of Major Components like the Furnace, Air Conditioning Unit and appliances. We were work with inspectors and other professionals to provide you with all the information available, so you make informed decisions as you find your next home.

Submitting Your Offer and Negotiating Your Contract

This is where The Bolon Company, Ltd sets itself apart from all other real estate brokers. Once you have decided to submit an Offer on a home your TBC Team-Lead attorney will step in an draft your offer and negotiate all counter-offers to get you to a final agreed Purchase Contract. Your agent will work with you and your Team to advise you on the BEST OFFER PRICE to make. This offer price will be based on the current market value of the property as well as the agent’s own feel for what the sellers are likely to accept. If this offer is met with a counteroffer, then your legal counsel will negotiate on your behalf to help secure the best deal for you. If an agreement is reached, then a purchase contract will be signed and the buying process can begin.

A Network of Professionals to Get You to the Closing Table

The buying process requires the help of a number of professionals. The home is inspected by a professional licensed inspector for any damage or issues not obvious to the untrained eye that a buyer may have overlooked. You may need a radon inspection and/or mold experts to check for any additional problems with the property. Then there are the professionals you may need after the purchase such as contractors and architects if you’re planning on any renovations. Your TBC agent will have a list of reputable local experts that they can recommend you. They can then schedule these people and handle all communication and necessary documentation.

Escrow & Title

The final step is to close the transaction through the title company. Your TBC team will then coordinate with the title company, the mortgage company, the appraiser and others to complete the closing process. The title agent will process the final settlement statement, signing all the escrow, titles, and other important documents and to file all recordable documents (Deed, mortgage, Power of Attorney’s etc) at the county recorder’s office. Now you can hand take the keys with confidence and celebrate.

At The Bolon Company, Ltd., you get everything you need to buy your home quickly and for the best price. You need a team of professionals to ensure the process goes well. Contact us today to learn more.